Posted by: MYPLACE FP7 | May 2, 2012

A Danish post-script to “MYPLACE multi-national views on May Day Labour Movements”

Following on from yesterday’s multi-national blog on Mayday activities in MYPLACE partner countries, Carsten Yndigegn from Southern Denmark University adds this, having missed the original editorial deadline, due to being out “in the field” where local events were taking place. For more information on the MYPLACE project visit the project’s website: HERE

“I spent the morning with students in Copenhagen, who of course should participate in the festival-like gathering in the People’s Park, but at the same time stated that they were not ‘red’, but attended because of the cosiness. 

In our research area, a more interesting thing happened, which tells something about the still high terrorist threat risk in the perception of the authorities. The prime minister should give a speech about noon. The Prime minister should give a speech in the main square, but the square was emptied by police, and the speech was moved to a nearby park (the fairy tale park, a commemoration of H C Andersen, who was born in the city) due to the risk of a terrorist attack. Somebody had seen a man disposing a bag in a trash can near the spot where PM should give her speech. The police ‘shot dead’ the bag, and inspected the remains, which contained some ordinary goods. I appeared that the bag had been stolen in a nearby shop (for the money purse it contained) and disposed of by the thief.

 And the PM’s speech? The Prime Minister addressed the radical increasing youth unemployment in Denmark.  (although still at a low level compared to parts of Europe more worse off).”

Again, we see the role of memory at play, and again a sense of the de-politicising of 1st May events, as politics gives way to fun for many young people.


  1. “Students in Copenhagen…stated that they were not ‘red’, but attended because of the cosiness.”

    Barely an opportunity goes by for Danes to bring up the concept of hygge, often translated as cosiness.

    There’s a lengthy article in the English language newspaper which may be of interest

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