Posted by: MYPLACE FP7 | May 9, 2012

Neo-Nazi party ‘Golden Dawn’ enters the Greek Parliament

The Greek MYPLACE team at Panteion University Of Social And Political Sciences present their follow-up to last week’s pre-election blog on the emergence of the “Golden Dawn,” after the party’s gains in Sunday’s parliamentary elections,  

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As it was expected the self-defined as nationalist, but actually neo-Nazi group, ‘Golden Dawn’ managed to enter the parliament after the 6th of May elections in Greece. Even though, according to all the opinion polls before the elections this was anticipated, no one wanted to believe that the final percentage of this extremist party would be almost 7% (6.97%), while in the previous elections in 2009 they have received only the 0.29% of the votes (i.e. 19,624). Now they have been voted from 440.894 Greek citizens and gained 21 seats, becoming the 6th of the seven parties entering the parliament. From the first results and the analysis of the exit polls emerge some very interesting findings. Among the new voters, i.e. those voting for the first time, ‘Golden Dawn’ is the second party with 12%, after the Coalition of the Left, which is the first one with 16%. Furthermore, among the unemployed is the fifth party with 9% surpassing PASOK (the previous governmental party). In addition, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs ‘Golden Dawn’ gained many votes in two regions ofGreece, which suffered from the German Occupation during theWWII. In Distomo, where in 1944 the Germans executed 218 people (men, women and children) ‘Golden Dawn gained’ 5.96% of the votes, while in Kalavryta, where the Germans burned the whole village killing 848 people ‘Golden Dawn’ gained 6.44% of the votes.   

    Immediately after the announcement of the first exit polls members of the ‘Golden Dawn’ started celebrating their victory. In the following video you can watch their celebrations in their offices in Thessaloniki. They are mainly male with torches, who cry out their slogan: Blood, Honor, Golden Dawn, which of course rhymes in Greek. (In order to watch the video wait for a few seconds. It follows the short advertisement spot) 

From the celebrations outside the group’s head offices in Athens

Around midnight, the day of the elections, the General Secretary of the party gave his first press conference in a hotel room near the organization’s head offices in Athens. Among other things he attacked against the “junta of the memorandum”, against the “millions of the illegal immigrants who where brought here without asking us” and against the media, which criticized him and his party. He dedicated this victory to “the fine upstanding youths with the black shirts and the ancient Greek letters” and he remembered Julius Caesar’s “Veni, Vidi, Vici” to characterize his victory.  The interesting of this conference, though, took place a few minutes before its beginning. Before the entrance of the General Secretary one of the members asked all the present journalists and cameramen, Greek and foreigners, to rise up upon his entrance because this is a habit among the members of the group, when the ‘leader’, as he said, enters the room.

After the General Secretary’s entrance the journalists were allowed to seat down again!

 A Greek female journalist reacted arguing that they are not members of the ‘Golden Dawn’, but journalists, who are there to cover the press conference. When the general secretary entered the members insisted screaming a military order in ancient Greek meaning “all rise” and kicked out of the room those reporters, who denied rising up as a gesture of respect for their leader, arguing that they are free to exit the room if they don’t want to follow their orders! Below you can see the relevant video.  

Of course, there were many reactions after this incident, but the Golden Dawn’s members seem not to regret about this action. In fact, a new PM and second in the group’s hierarchy, according to the media, when asked about that, he replied that from now on journalists should learn to obey and what discipline means. As it is obvious, this is only the beginning and as the General Secretary of the ‘Golden Dawn’ said closing his press conference “those who betrayed our country should now be afraid. We are coming! We will continue our fight inside and outside the parliament”.


  1. fascinating snapshot, thanks for sharing this. It does illustrate the relevance of the research of the project!

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