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On camera violence from an MP candidate of the “Golden Dawn” a few days before the Greek elections

The Greek MYPLACE team at Panteion University of Social And Political Sciences present their latest blog on the activities of the far-right  “Golden Dawn” featuring the well-publicised  

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On Thursday morning the representative of the Neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn” was participating on a live television program. Even though in the beginning he was discussing with all the other participants in a civilized way, a few minutes before the end of the program he started to argue with the representative of the left coalition (SYRIZA) and the representative of the Greek Communist Party (KKE). When the representative of SYRIZA referred to his forthcoming trial (he is accused of criminal activity within the campus of the University of Athens) he got mad and threw a glass of water on her face. After that he attacked against the representative of the communist party and hit her on the face.

It is worth mentioning that he attacked against two women and this is important, because according to the party’s electoral platform, women are inferior to men, there is no such thing as equality between men and women and women’s sacred cause is to raise healthy children for the Greek nation.

According to the journalist who was presenting the program after the assault they put him in another studio in order to calm him down and call the police, but he broke the door and escaped. Until now he has not been arrested, even though the Public Prosecutor’s office has pressed charges against him. All the political parties reacted and many of them declared that they are not going to participate in any discussion in the media where a “Golden Dawn’s” representative is present. “GoldenDawn” on its part, said that the representative of the communist party hit first its MP candidate with a heavy folder full of documents (!) (the video speaks for itself) and that from now on they are going to be self-excluded from all the media, because they are not interesting in taking part in their programs.

It should be mentioned that a few days ago “Golden Dawn” organized a motor-bike march in the streets of Athens, which ended up to massive attacks against immigrants and the arrest of some of its members among them and of the daughter of the General Secretary of the group and of two of its MPs.

Photo from this attack against the immigrants

However, there was no evidence against them and they were released.

Furthermore, on Thursday night a violent incident took place at Panteion University. According to the first evidence, a group of “Golden Dawn” members appeared and attacked some immigrants in the area. At the same time a discussion was taking place inside the University and when the participants learned about the incident they went out and a conflict started. Some time after that incident an anarchist group arrived searching for the Neo-Nazis in order chase them. The result was that four people were injured, but luckily none seriously.

It is clear, that we live in a period of political tensions a few days before the elections. The only positive outcome of this tension, according to some journalists, is that now the masks are thrown off and the real face of this Neo-Nazi group is revealed, but we must not forget that this was their real face all these years and they just made an effort to cover it after the elections of the 6th of May. Two days ago the General Secretary of the “Golden Dawn” spoke in Megara, a region near Athens. During his speech he tried to whitewash the dictatorship of 1967-1974 arguing that only during this period everything was going alright and the public debt was eliminated and that he doesn’t care if they call him a fascist or a nationalist, because this is the truth. Watch the video below with this specific part and pay attention to the two priests behind him and the way they react in his statement.
Δηλώσεις Μιχαλολιάκου για τη Χούντα by CDemo83

Among other things he also said that if God wills it somedayAsia Minorwill be Greek again!

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