Posted by: MYPLACE FP7 | June 22, 2012

MYPLACE is one year old. So what have we been up to?

MYPLACE Project Manager, Martin Price, University of Warwick, on the recent project meeting in Riga and the end of the first year of  MYPLACE.

For more information on the MYPLACE project visit the project’s website: HERE

The MYPLACE project was one year old on 1st June 2012, and it has been a busy year for all the staff working on the project at our 16 partner universities. The year ended with the third whole-project meeting, held at University of Latvia, hosted by our Latvian partners. Special thanks must go to our colleagues Janis Priede and Anita Stasulane and their team, who organised an excellent event.

The meeting began with a public opening – a policy forum and intellectual sessions on Memory and the use of survey data in evaluating levels of ethnic intolerance.

The main focus of the meeting however, was the difficult task of agreeing common research instruments for major empirical work packages. It can readily be imagined how challenging this is when the research instruments must be applied to so many differnet national and regional contexts.

University of Latvia – venue for the 3rd MYPLACE project meeting, May 2012

To read more about the progress made by the end of year 1, you can read the MYPLACE newsletter, available in PDF format HERE.

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