Posted by: MYPLACE FP7 | December 18, 2012

The students have supported the teachers´ strike in Slovakia

Prof Ladislav Machacek, Dr Jaroslav Mihalik and the MYPLACE research team in Slovakia, send this piece on the recent teacher’s strike there.

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The overlap of November and December was marked by a teachers´ strike in Slovakia. The teachers and staff are demanding a salary increase of 10 per cent. One of the determining factors has become the support of the pupils and students mostly from the secondary schools when they did not stay at home and enjoy the free days but instead they came to settle down in their schools to show their enthusiasm and support to help their teachers in their demands.

Slovak teacher strike 1

Photo: SITA

There are plenty of video records and protests from the streets (see below link):

In the video we can see a young student confessing that the students were not abused or exploited by the teachers but the young generation accepts that students and teachers have a  common interest in improving the quality of youth education.

The result of the strike and negotiations between the government and school union was an increase the salaries of teachers  by 11.3 per cent in 2013 and a promise from the Ministry of Education in Slovakia to improve the education and the processes  for youth work  and children. New networks are to be established to rationalize the demographic  and social discourse for the children and youth of Slovakia.

Photo: SITA

Photo: SITA

The full article available:

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