Posted by: MYPLACE FP7 | October 28, 2013

Latvia’s National Force stands with Greece’s Golden Dawn

Recently, the MYPLACE team at Panteion University of Social Sciences in Athens sent a blog on recent events surrounding the leadership of The Golden Dawn. The blog referenced several examples of international support for the Greek far-right movement from other far-right groups.

This week the Latvian MYPLACE team’s Liga Rudzite sends an update from a recent demonstration in support of the Golden Dawn by Latvian nationalists.

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“Europe is waking – the darkest night brings Golden Dawn” poetically read one of the posters in the rally organized by the Latvian nationalist organization National Force in support of the Greek far right group Golden Dawn in front of the Greek Embassy in Riga, Latvia, on October 18th. It was accompanied by flags with symbolics of National Force and Golden Dawn and posters asking to “Stop persecution of nationalists, freedom to prisoners of conscience”.

Just over 20 people took part in the event which called for freedom for the arrested members of Golden Dawn. They signed a letter addressed to Greek Embassy asking to stop political persecutions on Greece and to ensure that human rights are respected, allowing the freedom of speech for everyone.

“What is done today to Golden Dawn in Greece, will be done, if needed, to anyone of us here in Latvia – if you have time, if you are near-by and if you are not afraid, come join us!” warns and invites the call to action signed by the member of board of the NGO National Force Viktors Birze.

National Force is the successor of the nationalist political party Alliance of National Force which a few years ago signed a co-operation aggreement with Golden Dawn. Viktors Birze and other former members of Alliance of National Force have been charged with hate speech in the past mostly directed against members of Russian-speaking minority in Latvia. Currently National Force is discussing to transform into a political party once again.

In the popular social network National Force currently has 356 followers, their Facebook page – 90 “likes”. Both sites offer a space for information and opinion sharing on issues that the NGO considers important. Support action for Golden Dawn was meant to gather a maximum of 50 supporters, but managed to get just over 20 participants and a small media coverage. The event itself was peaceful and there was no intervention from the police.

Pictures from the rally are available on the National Force’s page:

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